The Stolen History of India

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The Stolen History of India

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From old forum:

I was watching this video with interest - I do believe that history has been Europeanised. 21:26 in - a quote attributed to TB Macaulay.
No record appears in Hansard; Macaulay had already left for India by 1834 where he remained until 1838.

Here is a link to a contemporary Indian writer ... kEnbDfLg4k

In addition, I offer the minute written by Macaulay to the Council of India dated 02 02 1835. It merely shows him deeply prejudiced against Hindu and Islamic scholarship. Lord William Bentinck was the Governor-General of the Council of India, gave his full backing to the "Minute" at Council ... _1835.html
Paras 9 and 10 refer and I quote:
"I have never found one among them who could deny that a single shelf of a good European library was worth the whole native literature of India and Arabia. The intrinsic superiority of the Western literature is indeed fully admitted by those members of the committee who support the oriental plan of education."

In an earlier session of Hansard; Macaulay shows true colours: he believes that all Indians should be considered for participation in government: Section 535 - 536 refer. ... ys-charter sections 504 - 537

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From Hansard

"We shall never consent to administer the pousta to a whole community—to stupify and paralyse a great people whom God has committed to our charge for the wretched purpose of rendering them more amenable to our control. What is that power worth which is founded on vice, on ignorance, and on misery—which we can hold only by violating the most sacred duties which as governors we owe to the governed—which as a people blessed with far more than an ordinary measure of political liberty and of intellectual light—we owe to a race debased by three thousand years of despotism and priest craft? We are free, we are civilized, to little purpose, if we grudge to any portion of the human race an equal measure of freedom and civilization.

Are we to keep the people of India (Hansard 536) ignorant in order that we may keep them submissive? Or do we think that we can give them knowledge without awakening ambition? Or do we mean to awaken ambition and to provide it with no legitimate vent? Who will answer any of these questions in the affirmative? Yet one of them must be answered in the affirmative, by every person who maintains that we ought permanently to exclude the natives from high office. I have no fears. The path of duty is plain before us: and it is also the path of wisdom, of national prosperity, of national honour."

It seems to me that the quotation may have been attributed to him by mistake or by opposing forces. There are other (negative) quotes attributed to Macaulay which I cannot find in reality........

Incidentally the pousta was an Indian tradition method of removing inconvenient individuals whereby opium was administered daily until death or insanity - usually within a few months
The "Black Act" may be the cause of Macaulays troubles of misinterpretation. It removed whiteman privileges in court and may have resulted in his collection of mis-attributions
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