The Cryptocurrencies

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The Cryptocurrencies

Post: # 440Post Chaibudesh
Thu Mar 01, 2018 1:04 am

I will try to be brief. Central Fat Cat Bankers do not like cryptocurrencies and refer to them as similar to the wildcat banks that existed in America from 1830-1860 when each bank issued its own currency.
-Ledgers have been around time immemorial. The way banks work now is a kind of cryptocurrency called Swift. For instance, my girlfriend in Russia asks me for money, how do I send her money? A gold coin in the mail? Well, I go to a bank and ask them to do it which they will do for a $65 minimum fee. Instead I use Paypal which uses an internal cryptocurrency of their own to manage their ledger. They also charge fees to send money and fees to convert money from dollars to rubles and then you must wait for it to transfer or pay a higher fee for speed. Instead I can use a cryptocurrency that does basically the same thing and less expensively for faster speed. It has its uses Sylvie. I can even buy gold and silver with it which of course are better because they are a type of universal currency which I can use anywhere in the world.
My conclusion is money is indifferent, we can choose to use it for good or for evil.

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Re: The Cryptocurrencies

Post: # 441Post The NewEarth Lady
Thu Mar 01, 2018 6:49 am

of course, it has its uses! I do not say they are not currencies as such! and the public will be tricked into embracing them with much more lucrative stuff than low transaction fees! many people could become millionaires for nothing and they will be the future ruling class which will preach that the cryptocurrencies must be maintained as THERE IS NOT BETTER ALTERNATIVE.

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