Format of the Submissions - please read before submitting

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Format of the Submissions - please read before submitting

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Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:04 pm

This section is specially made for those have visited and photographed any of these sites
Please use the name of the site as the name of the thread/topic you open. Please include your detailed images, videos and observations. Only images and videos that you have taken yourself in this section, please..

Please note that by posting in this section you must agree that the images/video could be used in the NewEarth videos. If you wish a credit will be given to you for the images in the form of a caption on the screen, but you must specify (when you submit the images) that you would wish such a credit to be given otherwise it will be assumed by default that you do not wish to receive such credit.

Sometimes people ask “What to look for more specifically when I get there?”. The answer is - the type of details which are mentioned in the NewEarth videos when similar sites are shown.
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