Are we an experiment controlled by Aliens?

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Are we an experiment controlled by Aliens?

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Are we an experiment controlled by Aliens?

I believe more and more that we are living in an experiment controlled by outside intelligence.
If we look at our deep ancient past, it makes sense that with our current technology we cannot replicate some of the feats of engineering and science that our ancestors were able to do. Our current present technology is not at the same level yet. Once we reach the same level as our ancestors (cut stone like butter, melt stone, move mega stone blocks easily, etc) then perhaps we will see if we get "reset" back to the stone age by the outside intelligence.

Perhaps "they" are looking for something from us and if we do not meet expectations at some point in our development or technology level then "they" reset our planet and genetics to try a different path from the start again. I believe this is why we find so many different types of "human" ancestors including ones mainstream science refuses to acknowledge such as the "naturally born" elongated skull ancestors found all over the planet.

"They" may even live hidden among us and control and direct human affairs for their needs. Perhaps this helps explain the insanity of global leaders, wars, greed, etc. There is so much visual evidence that "They" exist thanks to modern technology such as videos and cameras as well as historical writings, coins, paintings, etc.

If "they" do not mess with human or earthly affairs then why bother visiting us so often (global daily sightings) and for what purpose?
Is it like star-trek where they are not allowed to interfere with younger races in the galaxies?
Or is it that they have a hand in our daily life for some purpose such as an experiment of some kind?
Are they here to protect us from some other life-form in this existence?

Facts we know:
1. They exist, clear evidence for thousands of years.
2. At some point in our past, we were very advanced and some disaster occurred making us primitive again.
3. They continue to visit and attempt to hide from us.
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