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Please kindly do not send any private messages, direct email, youtube messages, facebook messages or any other similar to the creator of the NewEarth videos. Those are not monitored/read. The only way to contact her is by very carefully reading the contact options at


1. unclean wording and insults;

2. posting content with the sole intent to advertise external resources (discussing anything is just fine, but posting for the sake of advertising is not); if you get banned and you wonder why, probably breaking this rule is the reason, even though you might not have such intention it might have appeared that way to the moderator...

3. opening discussions about flat earth / Thunderbolt project /"no forests" (mentioning any of them in relation to other topics is ok, but trying to always put them in the spotlight is not ok); there is nothing wrong with the topics as such, lots of truths emerge while delving into them, but they are banned here because for some reason they attract dense swarms and packs of trolls and rude people

4. posting links to PAID external resources, for example, books for sale; you can mention them by narrating with your own words what is the important information exactly and include the name of the author, but no reference to the book itself, (sorry about this, but commercial authors hire teams for online advertising and this is what they do, post links to their books disguised as genuine forums posts of strangers...);

other reasons for deleting posts
- promoting violence or hatred (it is fine to discuss actions which should be condemned and seek ways to peacefully prevent them, but preaching personal hatred towards people and especially groups of people is not allowed because that road leads to even more violence and crime)
- making unsupported claims (for example if you post in support of a theory that has been refuted in the NewEarth videos without presenting in grounds why NewEarth's refutation is invalid then your post might be removed, and sadly, in this case, you may not be aware what is the reason for the removal because you might have not even watched that particular video, sorry if that happens...)
- posting that simply redirects to external resources, like "hi guys, check out this video" and then the link and that's all... this could be removed as well, this is a forum and it is good to write at least a short sentence with the gist of the material that you are offering.