Gurdjieff's Map of Pre-Sand Egypt

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Gurdjieff's Map of Pre-Sand Egypt

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Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:03 am

Like John Anthony West I'm intrigued by G.I. Gurdjieff's story about discovering a "map of pre-sand Egypt" as Gurdjieff wrote in his book "Meetings With Remarkable Men."

This YouTuber does a pretty good take on this story:


Gurdjieff - a remarkable man:


Gurdjieff actually validates Sylvie's findings in her Egypt videos; saying that Christianity was exported in a ready-made form to Palestine from Egypt. But exactly what this Christianity was is another matter that we really know little about.

Gurdjieff said a few things, such as Christianity - before it had that name - was a "School of Repetition" i.e. the way it worked was that ordinary people once a month, once a year, or once every few years* would attend a temple (church) and hear *the story* of Creation, the way of proper living, and so on, and then *remember.* And then: repeat after some time. Repetition.

(* People had much better memory back then.)

Probably (I'd say definitely) there was also an Inner Circle to this religion, for those who wanted the more specific teachings for spiritual development. Jesus Christ may have practiced in a similar manner, with one "general" method for the big numbers of people, and then another more advanced method for his Inner Circle of disciples.

Gurdjieff also believed in the Atlantis legend and following his logic this religion that became Christianity, or the "School of Repetition," would have originated among the Atlanteans - who after their continent sunk established 1 colony in Egypt, 1 in Ethiopia and 1 or more in Eastern Asia. As I recall his stories.
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Re: Gurdjieff's Map of Pre-Sand Egypt

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Sat Jan 27, 2018 8:27 pm

Yes, Gurdjieff is one special Teacher. Revealing the mysterie of man.
But maybe to late.
I'm not sure how this map is validating anything for Sylvie unfortunately. And we know egyptian history was not any main focus for Gurdjieff exept on this one travel to egypt.

Not even gurdjieff legacy are able to pinpoint what He was all about.

If you go to their webpage you find abundant material about "Selfobservation" "self remembering" "studying yourself" And soforth. Their whole focai is about this subject. Their newest bestsellers is all about this.
But the fact is that gurdjieff discarded this "entrypoint" to start learning about "thy self", because he understood that nobody can see them selves, (when it is needed). Or, if you can see your self when needed, you can not ACT, as you wish anyways.
We are machines.
That is why in his transformational trillogy Beelzebubs tales to his grandson, he mentions "Selfobservation" ONCE. Where he states: "Thanks to correctly conducted self-observation, a man will from the first days clearly grasp and indubitably establish his complete powerlessness and helplessness in the face of literally everything around him." Book 3, page 399-401.
He simply had to find other ways to explain "the matters of man" to us stupid lost souls.

Therefore it is safe to say these gurdjieff legacy-peoples are out on a strawl even gurdjieff gave up. And they not understand enough to do the same.
Again, unfortunately.